The standard of care for many skin cancer resections on the face is MOHS surgery. Because your face is broken into aesthetic units, which we subconsciously expect to see when glancing on one another – we as humans draw our eyes to even the smallest defect. MOHS plastic surgery repair and reconstruction is about hiding these defects.


In its simplest terms cancer surgery is about tumor free margins. The recognition among surgeons that classic cancer excision margins which are routinely used on the rest of the body, is almost impossible when faced with the relatively small dimensions of the face. There is the danger of either:

  1. resecting too little- leaving cancer cells in place or
  2. worse now leaving undetected cancer cells covered by moving around adjacent tissue (making early detection of recurrence difficult if not impossible).


The belief that there had to be a better way brought about the field of MOHS surgery. With the MOHS surgeon looking at the the pathology of the tissue specimens he/she creates a roadmap to where nests of tumor cells extend. The results are greatly increased surgical success as well as the greatest amount of tissue sparing to the surrounding skin.


As a Plastic Surgeon it is my job to help you by meticulously repairing the defect left through MOHS surgery. This can be anywhere from

  • a “plastic surgery type” primary closure with little or no scar
  • to moving adjacent or distant tissue around to re-establish the aesthetics of the face.


Skin cancer can be a stressful and scary ordeal for many patients. At the Floridian Institute of Plastic Surgery, it is our responsibility and primary tenet of care to hold your hand through the reconstructive process and be your champion both for the best aesthetic result possible as well as getting you through the process of reconstruction with the warmest of bedside manners. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us in the office to schedule your appointment.