Financing your plastic surgery is an easy process. There are two methods you can use:


  1. At the time of your consultation we will sit down with you and fill out the application. After which we will immediately fax it to the financing company. We will have their response for you within 15 minutes.
    1. You may be approved for the entire amount you have requested or a portion.
    2. If you are denied we will help you fill out additional financial institution applications and explore all methods available to get you booked for your procedure. Our goal is to help you get your surgery.
  2. If you are computer savvy and would like to this on your own online, most financing websites have an online application. This can be done before or after your initial consultation.


Another more widely used option for payment is the placement of the entire amount or a portion on a credit card. We accept all major credit cards.


Many times patients ask about payment plans and if they can pay a portion of the fee before and then the rest over time. We believe that no doctor should ever do this as it ruins the doctor patient relationship and makes the office more like a business and less like a house of medicine. In the event a patient misses a monthly payment it forces those offices that do have payment plans to act like collection agencies. No one likes threatening phone calls and in our opinion has no role in medicine today.