Silicone Lip Revision

The quest for prominent lips has largely driven the success of the soft tissue filler industry at present. But what about those individuals where the aesthetic balance to the face is lost because of over prominence of the lips in comparison to the remainder of the face. For lips that are too big balance can be restored by the surgical reduction of both the upper lip and lower lip together or each lip individually.


To many, lips are sexual organ and as such are in plain sight visible to everyone. Attraction to another's face has a large role in the aesthetics of the lips. It is the aesthetics of the lips and the balance it provides to the face that drives people to enlarge or reduce their lips. As an exercise look in the mirror—Your upper lip should cover all but the lower third of your teeth, and your lower lip should protrude slightly more than your upper lip. If you have excessive protrusion of either of your lips this may throw off the aesthetic balance of your face. Many times the etiology is genetic albeit ethnic or familial.


To correct a lip that is too large a portion of the lip is surgically excised.


Simple straight excision of the lip is not a great option (you will find many pictures of this on many sites all over the web). Your lip has muscles and acts like a sphincter. When you animate—especially purse your lip a straight line excision has more potential to be visible as a scar band. In our opinion a W-Plasty excision (A procedure to prevent the contracture of a straight-line scar in which the edges of a wound are trimmed in the shape of a W and closed in a zigzag fashion.) where the direction of force on the scar is distributed along the entire length of the scar will yield the most aesthetic result.


Once you have been evaluated and a surgical solution offered the key points of your procedure are as follows:

    • Local blocks will be administered precisely to the nerves of your face so that you feel no pain.
    • Markings to the lip will consist of skin marks and then you will be temporarily tattooed so that the many corners of your W-Plasty excision will stay visible during your procedure and precise cuts can be made.
    • Your surgery will be done in our AAAASF operating room.


Expect to have a large amount of swelling immediately after your surgery and a lip full of sutures, so plan on taking time off accordingly. All sutures placed are dissolvable and will fall out on their own. Have plenty of ice at hand at home and a refrigerator full of soft food. All patients are given an antibiotic, a pain medication and the option of a steroid taper to help reduce the swelling cycle and get you back in public quicker.