Short Scar Breast Surgery

Classic Breast Surgery involves removing skin and tissue by creation of an “Inverted T” or “Anchor” scar. These techniques mostly relied on basing the blood supply to the nipple on an inferior pedicle of tissue. This has a great disadvantage in that the breast tissue that is removed comes from the upper pole of the breast. In today’s WonderBra generation women will go to great length to give the image of upper pole fullness. A critic of the older techniques would argue why perform an operation that by design does just the opposite.


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Inferior Pedicle Reduction & Short Scar Breast Reduction


Short Scar Breast surgeries done by us are designed with two concepts in mind:

  1. Deliver an operation with less scarring than older techniques
    • Instead of a “T” or “Anchor” a Lollipop incision blending around the nipple and partially down the breast is performed
  2. Deliver Upper Pole Fullness by keeping the blood supply to the nipple based on a Superior/Medial Pedicle
    • The Breast is reduced through removal of the lateral and inferior tissues leaving the projection important upper pole mostly untouched